Board of International Medical Aesthetic Certification and Qualification

Individual and  institutional verification - qualification  In Clinical Beauty and Aesthetic Medicine

BIMAC International Board

BIMAC is an International Medical Aesthetic Board based in UK having relevant Accreditation and Certification Programmes for different legal acceptations according to different country regulations.

BIMAC Board was established with a mission to promote the development and maintenance of education quality and ethical standards in private higher education and training programs, even small businesses for the medical aesthetic and clinical beauty therapy fields.

The development was made possible by means of standard-setting, evaluation, and consultation processes.

BIMAC Board identifies and accredits educational, training institutions and individual professionals that have attained and maintained the standards deemed necessary to operate according to our established education quality and accreditation criteria.

We are an independent UK assurance body specialising in the medical aesthetic and institutional accreditation of aesthetic specialists and education providers worldwide. Operating in over 65 countries, we work with aesthetic centers, clinics, private academies,  online and alternative training providers to improve the quality of their provision. 

The educational institutions interested in offering BIMAC credits can take advantage of this accreditation process to ensure their compliance with European regulations and issue their own ECTS credits.

BIMAC Board is committed to promote high standards of education, to recognize professional excellence, and to provide an invaluable guide to education quality and recognition in the complex sector of world wide education.

HIGHER STANDARDS                                           BETTER QUALIFICATION

The idea of offering International Medical Aesthetic Certification and Qualification service based on knowing different Country regulations comes from a real pain that our Team, co-founders and me have experienced in our real professional work on the Aesthetic field.

We too frequently found ourselves dealing with back and forth being sure about our learners certificates and regulations of different countries regarding non invasive and minimal invasive aesthetic treatments. We have always been asked as training providers: if I take your courses, can I legally do the treatments?

That is when we decided we could create a platform and standardisation-qualification system that helps both professional individuals and training providers to solve all the pains around variable regulations, and today we are proud to provide these services for you !


We offer significant opportunities and benefits for:

Aesthetic / Medical Aesthetic Training and Certificate Providers

For Academies and Institutions

Beautycians, Aesthetic Specialists and Aesthetic Injector Individuals

For Professional Individuals

Verifiers incl. centers, manufacturers, distributors and gov. bodies

For Manufacturers

The World's first 100% online devoted Board to the verification and validation of certificates and qualification of clinics or salons in the medical aesthetic and clinical beauty industry 

BIMAC Board is far more than just the International Board of Medical Aesthetic Certification. It's a new way to explore the safe and educated side of Medical Aesthetics and clinical beauty therapy.

Our principles are grounded in excellence, safety, science, education and innovative Certification Programme – creating a deeper sense of connection with your destination and journey in Aesthetics.

BIMAC Board Certification helps:

Physicians and specialists demonstrate their competence and professionalism throughout their careers

Beauty and Health care organizations in selecting staff to help achieve their quality and safety goals

Clients and patients to feel assured they are being cared for by someone committed to their health and well-being

Working together for a safer aesthetic industry