Education Quality Accreditation in Medical              Aesthetic and Clinical Beauty Therapy 

What is the BIMAC Board accreditation?

BIMAC and its Education Accreditation Commission is interested in assisting individuals and academies to validate their degrees, validate their certificates and recognize earned credits on an international scale. 

To this end we have prepared a 100% online accreditation and degree validation procedure that will certify the credit and degree equivalency of the applicants' certification and of all BIMAC accredited institutions. This accreditation and degree validation will also endorse the external quality review of the degree, institution and program of study.

BIMAC Board considers this accreditations and degree validation service to be an important and constructive process to facilitate the acceptance of the degrees and credits.

The BIMAC  (Board of International Medical Aesthetic Certification ) is an internationally recognized quality standard model for training providers, academies and individual professionals.  

BIMAC accreditation proves that the accreditation has been given on the result that operating standards have been voluntarily and rigorously tested. Our international accreditation enables students to obtain a realistic picture of the accredited institution in terms of quality, resources, student support and ethics.

Note that accreditation is a voluntary and non governmental process. No accreditation in the world can provide automatic acceptance and degree validation of the credits earned at other institutions, nor does it guarantee the acceptance of graduates by employers. Acceptance of learners or graduates is always the prerogative of the receiving institution or employer.

What are the benefits of the BIMAC accreditation?

You will receive an official accreditation certificate and degree validation diploma issued by BIMAC that will state the following information:

  • You full name.
  • Verification of the specialisation earned.
  • Verification of the total credits corresponding to this specialisation.
  • Verification of the credits composition in hours of study.
  • Certification of the credits equivalency to the US Semester credits system.
  • Certification of the credits equivalency to the EU.
  • Assurance that the awarding institution is meeting the BIMAC accreditation and education quality standards.

The BIMAC accreditation and validation may be useful for the global acceptance of the profession, of the degrees and credits by employers, professional associations, other institutions, colleges or universities.

Who may obtain an accreditation and degree validation from BIMAC ?

BIMAC may accredit and validate degrees and diplomas from the following fields:

1. BIMAC Accredited Institutions

The accreditation and degree validation may exclusively be issued to training provider Centers who have completed the BIMAC accreditation process while their membership status remains valid.

Your training center can have BIMAC accreditation if you offer courses in the following fields:

  • Medical Aesthetic Courses (non surgical)
  • Fat dissolving courses
  • PMUP courses
  • Beauty Therapy courses
  • Lash extension courses
  • Professional make Up courses
  • Hair extension courses
  • Professional Nail Treatment courses

2. BIMAC Accredited Professional Individuals

The accreditation and degree validation may exclusively be issued to professional individuals who have completed the BIMAC accreditation process while their membership status remains valid.

You can have BIMAC accreditation as a Professional Individual if you work in the following fields:

  • Medical Aesthetic Injectables (non surgical)
  • Fat dissolving / Body Contouring (non surgical)
  • PMUP / SPMUP / Paramedical PMUP
  • Beauty Therapy 
  • Lash extension 
  • Professional make Up 
  • Hair extension 
  • Professional Nail Treatment 

How to order the accreditation and degree validation diploma from BIMAC?

  1. Pay the membership fee if your are not yet our member of 350 GBP. There are no refunds of this fee.
  2. Pay the validation fee of GBP Euros. There are no refunds of this fee.
  3. Attach a copy of the diploma and transcript to validate.

  4. Download and fill out the BIMAC Validation Order Form.

The fee for the BIMAC accreditation and  Validation Diploma is 350 GBP.

For any additional information concerning this procedure contact the BIMAC Secretary.

The validation diploma constitutes an effective tool to demonstrate the quality and veracity of the training and certification acquired but it can not guarantee automatic recognition by any receiving institution or company.