BIMAC is the Aesthetic Medicine Board You Need to Join!

Become our member and enjoy the following benefits:

The International Board of Medical Aesthetic Certification – BIMAC is the recognized leader in the field of aesthetic medicine and clinical beauty therapy and aims to provide its members with all the tools and resources needed to grow and develop careers and deliver the highest quality patient care. 

We work to position our members for success in a highly competitive environment through educational courses and training. Being a member of BIMAC Board supports your success in the field or aesthetic medicine and reinforces credibility for your patients showing the additional steps taken to advance your skills and knowledge.

BIMAC Board provides a wide range of benefits designed to support its member's needs.

Benefits include the following:

  • Membership certificate and enrollment letter
  • Inclusion in the membership listing hosted on the BIMAC website
  • Biannual newsletter to keep you and your practice current with new techniques, equipment, and announcements. Analysis of important news and what it means for you in the field of aesthetic medicine.
  • Coming Soon: Posting on the BIMAC Bulletin Board – Search for employment opportunities or promoting a job opening in your practice or business

Physicians & Dentists – £ 350: Open to all physicians, physicians in training, doctors of podiatry, and dentists regardless of specialties (MD, DO, MBBS, DPM, DDS, DMD, DBS)

Aesthetic Specialists & Aesthetic Injectors & Beauty Therapists – £ 450: Proof of training program required

Associate Membership – £ 200: Open to all registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants (RN, NP, PA)

Membership dues are for a 12 month period. Your membership will expire in the same month of the following year. Join BIMAC and receive your benefits now.

Professional Programs exclusively for BIMAC members:

Path to the BIMAC Membership Program: This online program is offered to BIMAC Members only and they will be able to expand and enhance their knowledge, clinical skills, and receive high caliber education in aesthetic medicine.

This program comprises of six modules:
#1 Facial Anatomy and Neuromodulators for the Upper Face
#2 Anesthesia of the Face and Dermal Fillers
#3 Light Based Therapy in Aesthetic Medicine
#4 Skin Considerations in Aesthetic Medicine
#5 Non-Invasive Body Contouring Therapy
#6 Microdermabrasion, Cosmeceuticals, and Chemical Peels

Cosmetic Complication Program: is a secure technology, which will connect BIMAC Members to our selected experts to assist you with questions on a complicated case you may have.
In the BIMAC Members Area of the website find instructions to gain online access.

Educational Webinars: BIMAC Members will have exclusive access and the opportunity to engage and learn from highly regarded experts in the aesthetic medicine industry. The webinars will be offered quarterly on a variety of topics that will be of interest to Members.

Video Interviews: Offers educational and knowledgeable information in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology: BIMAC Members will receive online access to the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology through our Online Library.

Resources: We will feature journals, articles, and publications of interest to our Members.

BIMAC Member Locator: Is a tool on our website to help prospective clients and patients find you.

BIMAC Board logos: These logos may be used by the member on their website as long as their membership is in
good standing with BIMAC. 

If there is more than one physician or professional working at the medical clinic, all physicians or professionals must be a member to use these logos on the website. 

If not, member may use logo on their biography page only. Please contact BIMAC office at
to request these logos.

Improve the Excellence of your Practice/Clinic: The BIMAC name and membership provides additional credibility to your practice/clinic.

Networking opportunities with peers

Certificate of Attendance at BIMAC Events/training courses