BIMAC Board is an International market-leading specialist Board Certification and Qualification Organisation (QO) and End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) for the aesthetic medical and clinical cosmetology sector, learning and development


Our guiding principles explain how we operate as a Board Certification and Qualification organisation in pursuing our strategic pillars. We believe we will only realise our vision and positively impact our members, centers and learners if we follow these principles. 

We are committed to long and meaningful relationships with our members, with great emphasis on customer satisfaction.  We prioritise understanding the needs and values sought by our members and use this information to tailor our services accordingly, creating value for both parties. 


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Board Founder, CEO


Board Director

Drawing on nearly two decades of international education experience, UK expertise, and a large cohort of local inspectors worldwide, BIMAC has a unique insight into the global medical aesthetic and education sector.

BIMAC began as an independent regulatory body providing quality assurance for the international education sector specialised on clinical and medical aesthetic procedures regualtion, qualification and education. In the beginning, overseas institutions approached us for consultancy; to help develop their internal QA processes and homologise their degrees and practices globally. We were quick to recognise the demand for our services and the need for an international benchmark, drawing upon the expertise and heritage of the UK education sector whilst remaining open to learning from best-practice in other countries. Over time our remit and global footprint have grown. Our accreditation is now recognised worldwide as a benchmark of the highest quality.

BIMAC Board is one of the only Bodies who set up the highest standards for medical aesthetic centers, treatments and education worldwide.